Webflow custom code only works on one page...

Hello Everyone. I’ve been working in webflow for several months, otherwise I’m a programmer and I used a lot of custom code in the site. I use a public repo and host repositories on jsdeliver. The problem appeared in the meantime, but I’m not sure when exactly, everything was working great, and then when my premium plan expired, since I had a localhost link in the custom code, I thought everything would work as it should, so I would take it again when the site is ready for release. Mostly from that moment, all animations / interactions do not work except on the home page, which means that some things work on other pages, but some do not. I thought I must have bought a premium package and when I bought it again it didn’t work. I go to github and commit the latest version and send and link to the custome code and if I put a specific version of the commit then everything will work like on the local host (meaning everything works on the home page, on other pages partially), but if I put @latest then everything will work on the other pages, but partially on the home page…

What’s going on??

Edit: I did it, it was console error for future peoples with the similar problem!

Hey Zoran, impossible to guess without seeing your site designer readonly link and a published site link.

I’m certain you’ve checked the console log for errors, etc. Interactions should be unaffected but if your code is designed to affect/trigger from them in some way, then it sounds like a custom code issue.

Where your integration is concerned, jsdelivr has some oddities around version caching I’ve encountered.

Github codespaces works pretty well for working out the working code interactively, and then you can deploy a clean working release and a clean working version to jsdelivr.

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