Webflow crashing when opening my project in the designer

Hello Community,

I’m having a very frustrating problem, and I’m hoping someone can help.

I bought the “Panels” Template a week ago and started heavily adapting it and building a website. And I fell in love with Webflow!

At some point I went out of the “designer” and into the settings to change the project name.

When tried to open it again in the designer, after about 80% of loading I got an error-message-pop-up saying “Something went wrong” — this happens now every time I try to open it.

I send the crash report to the Webflow team, but I’m still waiting for help. It’s been three days now.

I’m getting desperate and afraid that all my work could be lost.

Any tips what I could do?

Thank you very much,

PS: What might have caused the problem is that I renamed the “master” HOME page (with the little home icon) to “HOME (original)” and my self-made page to “HOME”. Could this be?

Get Chrome Canary and test with it, so you’re sure not to carry any history of extensions, cookies and stuff. You can also try in a new user session on your computer.

Sorry that support doesn’t get back to you as fast as you’d wish, however I have never seen anyone lose his work in such a case. In any case to say the truth. It doesn’t mean it can’t happen but it must be rare, so I won’t stress for your work just now.

Have you tried to restore a backup? You can preview the backup points so you’re sure it loads. And if you restore a backup, it will make a backup copy of your (broken) site before restoring.

You can also try to duplicate the project before doing any of those actions.

I would be surprised if it’s because of that.

Hi Vincent,

thank you for getting back to me!

I tried it with Canary (and other browsers) but the issue stays.

Unfortunately, restoring a backup doesn’t help either, the same error-message pops-up every time I’m trying to load the project.

I will try to duplicate the project, I was just hesitant, because to duplicate I would have to pay 79$ for the theme again — but if that’s the only way to access my work again — so be it.

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