Square POS to Webflow Integration

I’m currently brainstorming a project with a client. The goal is to use webflow to create a new UI for their salon. Right now they use Square for their point of sale. Square allows them to create items for the types of services they provide. It also allows them to pick a selected date/time that is available based on the length of time the selected service takes.

I would assume I can create a UI in webflow that would do the same but it would need to push/pull out/in to square as each client selects a product.

Is this something webflow can do natively or do I need a in between service like Zapier to handle this?

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i also want to explore this. I am trying to connect the inventory of a brick n mortar location of a retail store to their website on webflow for e-commerce. They use square POS.

Hi all.
Josh with Foxy here. What you’re after won’t be easily possible with Webflow Ecommerce. That said, it is possible with our seamless Webflow integration: https://foxy.io/webflow

We have a Square Gateway integration, which allows you to get paid via Square for online orders (through the Foxy checkout). When a successful order is placed, order details and customer info will show in your Square dashboard (alongside your brick-and-mortar sales).

It’s even possible to keep online / brick-and-mortar products and inventory in sync (this is a bit more advanced and takes some custom setup).

We recently helped a large Webflow CBD merchant with this exact setup via our Accelerate Program (https://foxy.io/accelerate)

Feel free to email us and we can get you more info and show you the site: hello@foxy.io


I’ve looked into Foxy. I can get behind the monthly fee but having an additional expense of a percentage of each transaction is a deal breaker

Hi @rdevine.
Thank you for your reply. To confirm, on our Standard plan, there are no transaction fees (from Foxy) for your first 100 transactions each month. Also, we cap the fee at 20 cents: https://foxy.io/pricing#plans

Big difference compared to Webflow Ecommerce’s 2% (no cap) fee on all transactions: https://webflow.com/pricing Hope this helps some. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions.


Hi @foxy - To clarify: If I choose for my client a Standard Plan for the e-commerce site I built for them through Webflow, that you charge no transaction fee for the first 100 transactions, then after the 100, you cap the fee at 20 cents?
Do you have a working example of how this works with Webflow? My client would like to manage everything from their Square acct.

Hi @FeliciaForbes.
That is correct on the pricing. The 100 transactions resets each month.

We have lots of examples. Here’s a simple demo and cloneable: https://support.foxy.io/webflow/manage-multiple-products-with-webflow-cms

Feel free to email us with details on “manage everything from Square”: hello@foxy.io We’ll do our best to assist.