Webflow CMS Slider using Slick Slider script breaks the CMS Editor

I have a Webflow site that requires an automatic slider connected to the Webflow CMS so the client can regularly update their hero slides.
The only method I found to get this working was with @PixelGeek using the Slick Slider script.
This worked a treat, however we soon released that this script was causing the CMS editor to crash when we tried to engage it on www.granddesigns.ie?edit

Webflow Support offered us an adjustment to the SlickSlider script, whereby it gets disabled when the CMS editor loads, however although this resolves the issue, it also breaks the slick slider on the live website!! :angry:

This is hugely frustrating folks! How do we provide a client a simple CMS driven slider without the need for scripts that ultimately end up breaking/crashing the CMS editor login window!!