Custom code causing issues with Webflow CMS

Please see here:

When you open the editors panel ( - you don’t even have to log in, it breaks some of the functionality on the website. I.e. The mobile navigation menu has some Javascript in place to stop people scrolling whilst it’s open.

Already had a look at the inspector. It’s working fine in Safari where I don’t have the editor opened. Done a hard refresh. It’s definitely the editor being active that’s breaking it.


@JoeMillion if you’re using the Webflow CMS Editor, most of the custom code will not render as it should be blocked from rendering, if it’s not being blocked from rendering then you can add the code into this conditional scrip so that the custom code does not run while you have the editor open:

The Editor panel only shows up if you have visited your site at the Editor link (?edit link), and is stored as a cookie (which you can clear out of your cookies). Opening the site in Incognito or removing the cookie will stop the Editor from loading during your session.

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Thank you for the help Waldo