Webflow CMS custom interactions

I have a portfolio website where I’m planning to add filters such as illustration, branding etc. To make the filtering work I’m thinking about changing the home page to CMS. However, at the moment my home page is similar to this website where hovering a project name reveals a project photo. My question is, how is it possible to create a unique interaction (showing different photo when hovering on a different project) in CMS when all the projects are within one collection list? I haven’t got much experience in CMS so really appreciate your help – thanks!

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Hey there!

I’m not really sure what you mean. Would you like to show a different picture of the same project each time the user hovers over it?

Hi Rory, thanks for getting back to me! All my projects are inside one collection list, coming from CMS, but for every project, I’d like to show a different image on hover (one main image per project). Hope this makes sense to you?