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Toggling independent CMS list items

Hi! I am currently trying to recreate the homepage of my current Squarespace site, on Webflow, and was wondering how you’d go about the project hover section. On my current site, when you hover over the name of a project, that project’s featured image shows in the middle of the page. How would I go about this with the CMS list items?


Hey @Noah_Shreve

Welcome to the community.

For this you can just use the collection item and apply in where the image currently is. You can use multiple collections and filter / control the image by the filter options. The filters could be show 1 of 5, start at 1. OR add a toggle for each image and then use the filter to target that.

Here’s a quick example of the cms usage for your project, requires some tweaks but Im sure you get the idea :wink:

Thanks dude! I’ve only been using webflow for like 2 days so all this is still so new to me. I appreciate it!