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Financial website security

Hello! I’m working on a website for an online investment/financial company. We’re nearing completion and the client has a few questions regarding security, hosting and maintenance:

  1. Can I reuse the client’s current SSL certificate on the new webflow site?
  2. Is it possible to export the webflow site and host on their existing server?
  3. Is it hard to convert the webflow site into wordpress CMS?
  4. How secure is webflow’s security level?
  5. Have any of you worked on a Financial site that is hosted on webflow? Any recommended websites?

Thank you!

Hi @zamnayan,

  1. I don’t think you can, webflow offers a let’s encrypt SSL certificate with their hosting plan
  2. You can’t export a webflow CMS based site, only static webflow sites.
  3. There are more or less “reliable” tools for that, I’m just not ready yet to go into the hussle. To me those are more hacks than anything else.
  4. Webflow seems to take security pretty seriously.

Thank you @anthonysalamin!

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