Webflow branding on e-commerce client emails

Hello everyone,

I think paying either $29 or $42 per month for e-commerce is enough for no Webflow branding on emails sent to clients confirming their transaction after a payment.

I love Webflow and tell everyone about it, but this seems a bit intrusive.

Does anybody have a screen shot, or example of this branding? So I can see how it looks before committing to the e-commerce plan?

Many thanks!


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I agree. Shopify basic doesn’t have it.


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Thank you for taking the time to send the picture / screen grab.

Much appreciated.

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Hi @TerryHibbert.
Josh from Foxy here. We don’t add any branding to emails or templates. Also, we have a seamless integration with Webflow and their CMS. More info can be found here: https://www.foxy.io/webflow

We’re more than happy to hop on a phone call, put together a proof of concept, etc. Just let us know.


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hello everyone, is it possible to remove the Webflow branding from the ecommerce client e-mails? If yes, how? We have the e-commerce plus hosting.