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Webflow Blog-Tutorial?

I was wondering if there was a tutorial for the slick card animation that is featured on Webflow’s blog. I would be interested in learning how they apply the interactions with the shadow etc and how it changes on mobile. Any help would be great!

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Hmmm…I am surprised that Webflow hasn’t made a tutorial video for this (at least one that I can find)

@PixelGeek Maybe in a future workshop?

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I really wish in future tutorials/workshops, the Webflow team will start to show how whatever they are demonstrating will work/change for mobile. Too often, I follow along with their tutorials and apply it to a project that I am working on, then I have to spend lots of time and energy trying to figure out how it would work in a mobile viewport.

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We’re looking to do a tutorial on it soon. In the mean time, you’re welcome to inspect and reverse engineer it using this preview link:

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Saw your comment to this effect on the blog. It’s an excellent point, and we’ll be keeping that in mind in future!

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Thanks! I will take a look at it in the designer mode(one of the best features, by the way, is being able to “look under the hood” of Webflow sites to see how it’s done.) However, the sample you shared does not have the super slick text panel on the left that expands a bit on rollover. That part and how it then changes for mobile are the two things that I can’t figure out.

I’m looking to achieve this effect. Any hint? I’m trying for an hour now but i can’t make it work.


Got it :slight_smile:

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