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Hello fellow Webflownians! :smile:

I know I’ve seen it before, but I cannot find the tutorial on how to accomplish this hover effect. It’s on the page but it doesn’t point to the video tutorial.

Anyone know where the link is?


Hey there!

Thanks for bringing this up, I know it is briefly mentioned at 1:30 into the video here - but I don’t recall this specific hover effect ever having a video showing how to do it… @PixelGeek am I forgetting a video? Does the description underneath on how to accomplish this hover affect not give the level of detail you’re looking for?

I am not sure how to do the layering. I think there was a video but I’ll check the link you posted. Thanks Jaiden.

I just watched this video which really only says what you “can” do but doesn’t explain “how”.

The layering would just be the album image in a div, then a 100% width and height absolute div overtop with the gradient and absolute positioned icons and also absolute text at the bottom :slight_smile:

Then just hide/show all the stuff on hover

I have come to the conclusion that the product images need to be clickable to a larger view and thus their own page with more info on each product. Thanks for the help just the same :slight_smile:

Ah yes that makes sense! You’re very welcome! Happy webflowing :slight_smile:

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