Webflow Blog CMS not animating properly

Hello guys, I’m designing a website for a client and have set up blog posts and a blog page which is fully dynamic. However the client was not sure if the design for the blog page was looking great, so I decided to create a new layout. Because I didn’t want to discard the previous layout I duplicated the initial layout (meaning I have 2 layouts, one is set to visibility = “display-none”) and I made adjustments to the duplicated layout. Now the problem I have is this:

  1. The interaction (Hover animation) I added works just fine when I preview within the designer and when I toggle the visibility to display the full page, but when I hover on the posts in the next page it just doesn’t work.

  2. When I toggle the visibility of each layout i.e I display layout one and hide the second layout it inherits properties from the hidden layout such as overflow properties, fixed height etc. This is counterproductive, how do I solve this issue.

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/nicandco-a757e24a9c9053b9f3075321fee2eb?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=nicandco-a757e24a9c9053b9f3075321fee2eb&preview=12301fddf7728ef639fdc7fc679f8bf5&pageId=5eb9a77e85111cc0378d7721&mode=preview

Have you tried adding combo classes to change style settings of the two layouts?

and maybe the same would work for targeting animations and avoid affecting a second layout.

Yes, I’ve tried combo classes. It doesn’t seem to change anything, making me think perhaps one can’t add combo classes to collection lists (problem is coming from the collection list)

If you already created the animation before the combo class addition you’d need to retarget the elements in your animation because they won’t have the new added combo class and the animation will affect the main class including the one that has the combo class.

I’m confused, I’ll try and pick your words step by step and see if it works for me

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