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Interactions not working in categories template


I’m designing a site that has a blog. When I open the page blog it displays 2 columns with all blog posts. I made an interaction that shows the post image every time the user mouse hover the blog post.

Also there’s button at the top left with a logo and another one in the top right with an image, that appears when user scrolls down. The one on the right when clicked it shows a navigation column.

All works fine in the blog page, but every time I click a category, the page loads the posts from that category (which is perfect) but neither the blog’s interaction (the one that shows the blog image every time the user’s mouse hover) works nor the images at the top left and right appears!

Yet if I preview the categories template from the designer all works!

Can someone help me, please!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi @Mauricio_C_G_Pereira

Here’s a short video

  1. You will need to change your interaction a little bit, to affect only children with this class.
  2. Then you can go on your categories template page and apply this interaction to your dynamic wrapper.

Everything should work perfectly! :slight_smile:

Hello @donaldsv, thank you very much for your answer, but the categories template still doesn’t work every time I select a category in the blog page!

If you go to the blog page every thing works fine but when you select a category the page loads the corresponding posts but none of the interactions work!

There’s still something else that’s needed!

Hi @Mauricio_C_G_Pereira

I’m not sure if this is odd behaviour. This should work :thinking:

Maybe @Brando can take a look?

Is there any place where I can report this bug?
Because it seems no one can find the error!