Trigger Animation for CMA

I am not sure if there is a solution for this issue while using CMS. But I am trying to use the Hover Over Button to animate a CMS Blog, but for some reason. When I select the hover off selection… The Elements are not moving, even when you use opacity or Move or any other effect. Nothing works. Is there a reason for this. or what is the solution


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Hey @Jay_Hart, are you able to share your site Read-Only link? Thank you!

You know what, I figured it out so it works now… So now I have a bit of a issue. and I hope Webflow can Fix.

I am using CMS in a Blog in a website I am doing. I did a hover over trigger animation for the posts, However when I am trying to add another section within the Blog, The Collection list is locked so I can’t change the CMS collection name, so I can use the same hover over effect trigger. Which I believe I have to redo the trigger effect on all the categories of the blog. I get to understand You have to “Unbind”, I am not sure how to do that. But I wish webflow would allow you to save these as symbols and you can be able to change the collection list names… so you can maintain the effect or so.