Webflow Blog Automation: Auto-Publish & Auto-Internal/External linking

Hi, everyone!

I’m diving into something new and hoping you guys might have some insights. I’ve been working on a project, Texta AI Webflow blog Automation, tailored for us Webflow folks. It’s not just another tool; it’s a whole new approach to blogging and SEO for our sites:

  1. :rocket: Auto-Publishing: Imagine your blog keeping itself fresh with SEO-optimized posts, going live exactly when you want them to. That’s the convenience we’re bringing to your fingertips.

  2. :link: Smart Linking: We’re talking seamless internal and external linking to not just boost your SEO, but to also weave a stronger web of credibility and ease of navigation across your site.

  3. :mag_right: Effortless Keyword Discovery: With Texta AI diving into the depths of Ahrefs for you, uncovering those perfect, low competition yet high traffic keywords becomes a breeze, setting your content up for greater visibility.

  4. :globe_with_meridians: Real-Time Content Relevance: Our tool taps into the pulse of the internet, ensuring your content is always aligned with the latest buzz and information, keeping your blog relevant and engaging.

  5. :framed_picture::movie_camera: Visual & Video Magic: Automatically sprinkling your articles with the right images and YouTube videos not only beautifies your posts but also turns them into interactive experiences for your readers.

I’m genuinely curious to see how this integrates with your Webflow projects and what impact it could have on your content strategy. Any feedback or personal experiences you share would be gold for me.

Anna, Webflow blog automation

P.S. If anything was unclear or you want more deets, just let me know at anna@texta.ai