Webflow and the facebook timeline


is there a way to make a query / custom code in webflow to show our facebook timeline content at our website but with our custom style?

I found this, but i don’t no, if this works:

Has anyone an idea?


Hi @Toby, thanks for the question. At the moment, you would not use Zapier to show your facebook timeline content, I would suggest to use one of the embedding methods that Facebook provides to show your posts.

Take a peek at this article which discusses how to integrate Facebook in more depth. Facebook feed integration

Zapier is mainly used with Webflow to submit form submissions TO other services, not for displaying information in Webflow from other services. I hope this helps.

OK C-Dave :smile:

I’ll read your link.


Hi @Toby, If you need some help with the integration, post a followup with your site read-only link and I am happy to take a look further :slight_smile:


yo. OK. Thanks for this support. I think my plan will be a little bit tricky. :slight_smile: But not impossible i hope.