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I have been using WebFlow for 3 days and I absolutely love it. I was telling a friend how good Webflow is and he said there are cheaper alternatives. He named 2 apps, Bootstrap Studio and Pingendo. I am really happy with Webflow and I don’t see a reason to switch but, what advantages do Webflow over these two? What makes it different? I sent and email to Webflow Support, but I also wanted to get your opinions. FYI I am using my own hosting so hosting benefits is not applied for me.

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Best thing to do is try them all yourself. I’m sure the others have demos of some sort.


It seems like the Bootstrap studio is very nice. However I will always be shooting for Webflow. The price may seem high but look at what all you get!

A.) Great customer support
B.) A team that is always innovating and listening to the us - the users!
C.) Hosting
D.) Client Billing
E.) Exceptional CMS
F.) Innovative New Technology
G.) Face to Face team interactions - A team that really cares about its fans and users.
H.) 5 - Star great product. Webflow isn’t going anywhere and you can beat that they are fighting tooth and nail to bring the latest and greatest to the table. What your want to ask yourself is who will be around for the long haul and who is here to support the most important fact in this whole visual builder dynamic - us the users.

I have been doing my own thing for over a year now and Webflow has been my #1 and only choice. Does that mean I have looked around elsewhere - of course! However I always come back to this great team for more reasons I can count.



I have check out Bootstrap Studio and Pingendo. They are both cool and you could easily build a static website and easily host somewhere but they don’t include a native CMS solution. So thats the biggest hurdle you will run into if you need a CMS for the sites you build.

In my opinion, If you are wanting to be a Freelance website designer then Webflow is the way to go.

@esezen I agree with @seank - Webflow is unsurpassable, and the best web platform ever created by mankind.


Thanks for your detailed answer. As I said I love Webflow right now and I am just sad that I did not find it before.

For me:
A) Customer support is awesome
B) Agree
C) For hosting, I am using a reseller plan with unlimited data and domain for just 35 annually. D) If I got it right, for using CMS it is minimum 16 monthly per website. This is too much for my clients. I am in Turkey and 1 Dollar is 3.7 Turkish Liras.

As I said I love Webflow, and I am just explaining my situation. I am using Webflow mainly for static websites. For dynamic content I use PHP and Python. I will probably continue using Webflow.

Also as I stated, it just been 3 days so I am still exploring.

Thanks everyone for your answers.

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