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Webdesign Process And Large Screens

Hello people,

I have researched the topic and it looks like the larger breakpoints will not be released soon. How do you go about the design process? I am thinking of making all containers 1200px max width and also replace all pixel values (texts, margins, paddigns, etc.) to VW values. What do you think?


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I just make a div, call it container and make the max width 1200 and then apply that global style to all containers. Seems to work pretty well.

What about the font sizes, margins and paddings?

Why not deconstruct frameworks that support XLarge breakpoints to see how these things are handled. Or other prominent sites? Doing so would be an excellent way to learn. There are some things you can’t easily duplicate in WF however; like mixins in LESS or SCSS.

I’ve never had to adjust anything bigger for 1200 px. So I just let the biggest viewport styles stay.

You will have to use media queries to give different values to everything for each orientation (portrait or landscape) because vws may look fine for landscape but be too small for portrait or vice versa - the sizes may be too large and take to much vertical space on landscape even though you though it looked fine when tested in WF designer

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Okay. Thank you a lot! Wish you a nice day. :slight_smile: