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Some General Questions about Font Size

Hey guys! So I’m deep into making my first big website on Webflow, and I’m trying to understand all of the tricks that make this tool work so well. One of my favorites has easily been the cascading design elements that allow me to change the size of things as I lower the resolution, down to the iPhone. But there’s one question that’s really been on my mind during the design process. How can I design up, to larger screen resolutions? I’m on a 13" Macbook, so I’m designing in ‘1440 x 900’, but what about ‘1920 x 1080’? Or ‘2560 x 1440’? When I switch to my 4k desktop, and view my website at those resolutions, I notice a few things: namely, there’s a LOT more whitespace. Also, my fonts seem too small in comparison to everything else.

Should I use a different metric other than px to measure fonts? I often use ‘VH’ & ‘VW’ or percentages to scale everything else. But with fonts, I’ve always done pixels for some reason.

I’ll attach a read only link of my website, while this is more of a general question, the part I’m currently struggling with is the “Category Text Wrapper” div. (the one with a lot of text)

Here is my site Read-Only:

On large desktops users prefer not to move the mouse miles nor do readers like long text lines. Besides the world is going mobile. Globally mobile has surpassed desktops in use. I approach design as a mobile first en-devour, it’s just a pain that Webflow is backwards.

There is plenty of great content about available via search. No point in hashing it over again. Here is a good article that I enjoyed and bookmarked last month.

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