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Web URL and Social Icon Linkage

Hi All,

So I am at the stage of my website where I am almost ready to go live and make it available to view to public but there are 2 things which are stopping me.

One I believe is an SEO issue. So I have bought a domain name and linked it up successfully. It is:

Now when I go onto this and then click into a project the URL changes to a domain which is not what I want. Any advice on how I can change this?

Also, my social icon such as instagram and LinkedIn have been set to open in a new tab but upon clicking on this they just open in the same tab.

Would appreciate any help and have shared a link below for any editing.

Thanks in advance,


Hi @vssdesigns

For your dynamic links, choose the dynamic template page instead of directly linking:

Hi @PixelGeek,

Thanks for the reply. Will this sort out the URL issue I am having? Also do you have any advice on the link buttons opening in a new tab?


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