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TileDesign Help

I’m trying to design my website for a client , and the free theme is “tiledesign” i want to change the names on the navigation bar, but when i change it’s double text.

My next thing is on the portfolio tile I would like to make it show videos instead of pictures so my client can upload videos.

Please help me with this.

Here is my public share link: LINK
(how to access public share link)

Hi Digiguru32,
When you go to the navigator tab on your right, i see you have 2 Navbars!
Save the green one and delete the other, and its done!

About the video’s, do you want Youtube or Vimeo video’s?
in the given link is the portfolio missing?

I want youtube vids when you click on portfolio , I would like for them to be able to view vids

First: In Webflow we can’t upload videos but we place “Shared-Links”.
If you want your customer to upload the video links herself, Than don’t do this!

If you want to do it yourself only:
Go to the portfolio page

  1. Place a container element in the already existing "secion"element.
  2. Place a column element and choose 2,3,4 colums
  3. Place in each column a “Video element”
  4. Insert there the “share” links wich you copy from Youtube or Vimeo.

Will they at least be able to see the thumb nail from the video ?

Yes, it goes automaticly!

Why everytime i create a new Booking in my collection is says staged for publish ?

Stage for publish means that when your not ready for an article or product to go online. its offline and “Stage for Publish”.
In the CMS you can choose wich article you want to publish!

Ok so last question , I’m trying to change a dynamic list on one of the tiles on the front and it’s not allowing me any suggestions ?

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