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Can anybody recommend some good forums/communities for learning/asking web design related questions? I’m pretty new to it and don’t want to spam this place too much with more general web design questions that might already be answered elsewhere. Also finding that a lot of topics here go unanswered so it’d be helpful to have a few more options up my sleeve.


Have you visited the University here and the plethora of excellent videos? If not you should. Webflow is chock full of good resources.

If you want to learn more about HTML (you should) I recommend following along here.

Hi @webdev, yes I have, they are incredible. Easily the best series of introduction videos I’ve ever seen but as I get deeper into a few projects I’m finding I have a lot more questions that are more niche and not covered there.

For example, on a website I’m working on for a photographer who sells prints, I have an image to show how high resolution the prints are. WF renders that image great in preview mode but with really low resolution on the published site. Because the whole point of that image is to represent the high resolution of the prints, I need to find some way of forcing it to always render on max resolution on the published site. I’ve looked all through the WF University and previous forum posts, and made my own post about it here but didn’t get any replies so I’m still trying to figure it out. I was wondering if there is a more active forum somewhere that might be more suitable for these types of questions.

@marklovin Join the webflow facebook group:

This group has:

  • a mentorship program

  • chat groups on Slack and similar apps

  • Some even host live Q&A sessions

Also, you can send me a private message on this forum and I will try to help you as much as I can.

Turn off responsive rendering (optimized sizes) of that image. The link below takes you to the specific way to disable responsive images for one image.

This is the place where it happens. I often notice that the questions that go unanswered are either to complex or not explained well enough.

You can always work with or hire a mentor. I have been training in martial arts for decades and still have a paid teacher I work with to learn new things and polish what I know. :slight_smile: I am available as a teacher as well.

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I can’t believe that worked, I’ve been trying to solve that for a week! Thanks for your help! Maybe I need to give the University another read over.