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I understand there are issues with flex box and Internet explorer.

I was wondering if there is a way for me to implement a pop up or something for people to know to use Chrome, Safari, etc (any browser besides IE) when the site loads?


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Hi @Jose_Vibrant_Minds_M

Thanks for posting and great question!

There’s no way to do this natively with Webflow at this time. However you can definitely achieve this with some custom JS added to your custom code fields.

I’m not familiar enough with JS to know exactly how to do this myself, but here are some great resources that should help:

I hope this helps!

Thanks. These don’t work.

Id be happy with a pop up box I can put on the site just to let people know to use Chrome, safari etc

Even without detecting the browser. Basically an overlay box I can place on the site. That they can close with an “x” or close option.

How could I achieve that?

Hi @Jose_Vibrant_Minds_M

Without going the custom code route, you could add a div, inside this add a text block with your message and a ‘close’ icon or simple X in a text box. Then set a mouse click/tap interaction on the X to ‘hide’ the box.

You could also just have that div fade in for a few seconds on page load, then fade out automatically - again using interactions, but no clicks needed by the viewer.

Have a look at some of the options in this course - page load, show/hide for example:

This is exactly what I was looking for!

Ill let my client decide if they want it or not. It messes up my design. lol


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