Pop up window for Internet Explorer users

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Is there there a way for my site to recognize when someone is using Internet Explorer and then provide them with a pop up with links to better browsers that support HTML5?

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https://updatemybrowser.org/widget This should be embeddable in the custom code section.

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What I’m looking for is to be able to recognize if the site is being accessed in Internet explorer and then not letting the user view the site unless they use another browser.

I would like to design a modal that blocks out the the website with a box with and explanation and saying that the site won’t work in IE

Alternatively would it be possible that I make a an alternate version of the site with no animations? and redirect to that if user is on IE?




Hi there! YES I need the same solution as well, if you found an answer please share with he rest of the community. I’ve been looking for the javascript code to do that and where to insert.

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This is really not a good approach from a usability perspective. Here in the States a company could easily be sued for doing so. A better approach would be to use modernizr, and create custom (simple) styles for browsers that don’t support advanced features you implemented on your site. It is a similar approach to creating a stylesheet for Print.

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I’ve actually built a pop up modal similar to browserupdate.org that tells users that the site will not work on IE, but can download another browser and return to site so the JS to detect the browser would only effect IE users.


So I need the JS and where I could install to detect those users. The browserupdate.org plugin only detects if IE11 is used and does nothing about it since its the last version supported. And since webflow sites arent IE friendly…

I found this string on the subject but not sure where to apply the code in webflow:

and this code:

var isIE = false;
if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf('MSIE') !== -1 || navigator.appVersion.indexOf('Trident/') > 0) {
    isIE = true;   

my question is how can I apply it to my popup module to take effect?

You could fix the content areas that don’t render correctly in IE 11 pretty easily. Better than browser detection (which almost never works as well as expected).

What pages do you have issues with in IE?

about half of my content in grids and columns collapse into 1 messy blob Id hat to rework 25+ screens

How do I fix those pages in IE without affecting responsive and other browsers?

Give me a page as an example.

Everything collapses to the left of the screen both columns and copy confined to an area 1/3 of the container width.

So you could just write a CSS conditional targeting IE 11 for example; that targeted you problem areas (grid) and set them to block. Look at the example video.



Thank you for that! I will look into it. In the meantime, where would I plug in the JS code to make the modal popup to detect IE?

Thank you webdev! Are you using DOM Explorer for chrome in the video?

if ("Your script requires jQuery") {
  "Before Body Close"
} else {
  "Put in Head Before Body"

Nope; IE 11

Hi @john_rice did you ever get your pop up working specifically for ie?