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Redirect Page Based on Browser App

Hello all,

So I have a client who wants to make a very complex website (meaning using many features of Webflow) IE compatible. I told him it would greatly limit the full design and animation features implemented. But he seems intent on making it IE compatible.

So I was wondering… what javascript can I implement that would detect the browser program, and redirect to a IE friendly page? I’m thinking of creating a separate site without animations and without flex (since it’s not stable with IE), and it would automatically redirect to that section of the site instead. That way it won’t affect the layout and design of the main site with all webflow features.

I found this site: link here

But I’m not sure how to implement it on Webflow.

Weird solution (Bad for SEO to start duplicating content and make redirects).
Example: Site with 1% traffic from old version of IE - for this you going to duplicate the entire site! (BIG NO).

Step by Step

No way to know from the start what bugs and problems you find on internet explorer (Maybe "hide section X on explorer its enough).


Use google analytics to find how much traffic is from IE (Less than 1% sometimes).

CSS Vendor Prefixes

Webflow use a lot of CSS Vendor Prefixes (Add flexbox support for example)

a way for browser makers to add support for new CSS features before those features are fully supported in all browsers). Read more

JS Detection

By JS it easy to detect the browser anyway (Use webflow custom code) (Google it):

Related webflow Q:

Wow this was extremely thorough and helpful.
Thank you so much for all your tips!!

I’m wondering… with the browser detection, instead of showing a full page with preferred browsers, like this page… How would I have a little pop-up dialogue box on the corner to show up and recommend using another browser?