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We´re doomed – AI Website that design themselves

Interesting concept. I still don´t think we as designers will get replaced but we will get smarter tools (some ai in Webflow anyone?) and our role will evolve. What do you thing guys?

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I’m excited and scared at the same time. The project looks great, but I think developers won’t be replaced. We have something that no artificial inteligence has - emotions. We can control user emotions by creating some amazing websites that simply catch their heart :)

They already have 45k members o.O

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The video is made on a scary tone, I don’t get how this is attractive (: So serious, it contrasts with what Sandwich usually does.

The price is quite high for 7 websites, but the concept of a modular, organic, immersive, trendy template is kind of very nice. If you really have nothing to setup that could be a very pleasant platform to communicate with. As it’s supposed to morph during its exploitation, imgine it could catch new graphic trends and integrate parts of them without you doin anything…

45k members at 96 dollars already… is that possible?

"The Grid"ddddd (scary sound), has been hanging out in it’s current form for I think about a year. It’s still in pre beta…I guess. The Beta that is supposed to start June 2015 (not sure that was always the date) hasn’t started…although maybe if you signed up it has. Details are nonexistent as to the interface and control for functions. Based on the “” it looks like super long scrolling pages with heavy photo filters that change. The demo site is a bit iffy on function so I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.

Content stored on Gitub? Not sure that will really target the DIYs but I guess we will see what the interface looks like in the end.

I’ve been tempted to pay the $96 just to see but have wondered if it will ever come live or if end the end I just donated cash and my debit card number to someones vacation.

I read it more of an attempt to replace developers more then an attempt to replace designers. Like automation that replaces the worker who puts the car together. A person still designs the car.

The difference being that Web Technology is changing to quickly for automated systems to keep up with new best practices, new techniques and the like.

Good design and development comes from good conversation. Sitting down with the client and figuring out what they really want from the website. I don’t see these automated systems being able to recreate those kinds on interactions and relationships.

Lets be honest content creation is arguably the hardest part of creating a website, that’s why there is so much bad content out there. To think that if only we automated the site creation process the laymen user, who doesn’t normally have time to think about their website, will all of a sudden have the time to create great content is wishful thinking.


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What happens when we CAN program AI (or they evolve) to have emotions? Really, I see AI becoming an integral part of humanity’s future in all areas of life. Many jobs will become obsolete but new ones will be created. But will the new ones keep up with the ones being done away with? That’s the question.

But back to The Grid: I am also excited and kind of worried. However, I don’t think we will become obsolete but rather our roles will morph into something new. I’m actually a founding member and plan on using it alongside webflow for a while and seeing how they stack up against each other. I hope they are creating it with web design companies in mind too.

Normally I am one to think that web design / hosting platforms are expensive, but having 7 websites for $8 a month isn’t expensive at all IMO. How much would that cost here at webflow? $77 a month (because each domain costs an extra $5 a month to add). Even when it goes up to full price (if they really do go up) it’s still quite a bit cheaper than webflow.

You’re right but it seems that 8 a month is the price you only get when you pay before even seeing the software. It gets to 25 passed that point.

Right, but $25 is still cheaper than $77! :wink:

Oh I think you’re comparing two thing that aren’t comparable :smiley:

Well, in the end they both do the same thing. Both platforms allow us to create and customize the styling of a website for a client. Webflow may have more control out of the box but there will be more and more “filters” from what I understand, that will allow us to customize further.

Don’t get me wrong, webflow is a great tool and I will be using it too and comparing it with The Grid. It is possible that I still prefer to use webflow, but with a much higher price tag, webflow better be worth it for me and my clients. The greatest thing missing at this point in webflow is a CMS… and who knows IF The Grid will have it.

@GodlessGlen Where are you getting $25 and $77?

25 is the normal price disclosed on their site’s purchasing page, and 70+ is webflows’ organisation plan. But once again, it’s not comparable at all. @GodlessGlen I still don’t think you can’t compare, at all.

Can’t compare those because you can have how many sites under the Organization plan? Do custom domains cost extra on TheGrid? $25 only get 8 sites. Seems like Webflow is going to be the better deal.

They’ve not stated anything about extra costs to attach custom domains, so if not, clearly, it is a far cheaper solution. But cheaper doesn’t mean better.

Lol. Whatever, Vincent! I guess we’ll see after we get a chance to play around with it :wink: