Streaming live at 10am (PST) -- Websites built using Artificial Intelligence

Looks interesting…

It’s already released in beta for the first 100 people who pre-bought the app. I’m @5586, so I guess it’ll take some time.

You’re ahead of me… I think I’m 6 something something something.

I’m not sure If it will live up to the hype… but I’ll try anything that can teach me something or possibly make me $.

Yeah I’m 6 something too, it looks interesting but I don’t think it’s gonna live up to the hype nor do I buy the “artificial intelligence” :wink: that it’s promising :smiley:. Ultimately I think it’s useful in that you can add content and it will still look good without you fiddling with it.

Doesn’t compare to webflow though :wink::wink:

At #651, still no beta invite.

Probably people sharing their referral link and skipped to the front of the line.