We need a vertical navbar with scroll

Hey So I am working on this project and could not get my head around a simple thing, actually, I need need a vertical navbar with a scroll for pages
I need something like this as in the design, check the img

Can anyone help?

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Hi @Ashhad_Ahsan, this can be achieved using the ‘page section’ option.

You’ll need to style up the navigation (could use absolute/fixed positioning to have it over on the right hand side) then use ‘link block’ elements. Then, assign an ID to seach section.

Screen Shot 2022-04-11 at 1.12.55 pm

Then, tell each link block to jump to each section. Hope this helps!

Hey @domin8tor I really appreciate your response but I need help with how to add scroll bar as shown in the screenshot? If you see I’ll be needing a scroll bar that navigates to each navlinks.

Thanks again.