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Help with vertical navigation

Please I need help creating a vertical navigation for my site.
Its a one page site but would like to see its pagination on every page (section) vertically as I scroll down.

Any help would be deeply appreciated please!!

Do you have a reference? Also have you tried already, and do you have a public link to share? As of now it’s a bit vague to provide help :smile:

Hello Vincent thanks for responding.
What I mean is something like this:

See how the pages are bulleted on your right and the active one highlighted and brought to focus…
I like how they are if I can get help. Although i’d prefer to have them numbered.
I’m also trying to put a contact form on my homepage that will animate out when the “contact us” text is clicked.

Really many thanks!

Hey @whizkidefos

You can take a look to template, maybe have the function you need :smile:


This would be an custom styles FIXED and vertical navbar element, actually.

Check here, you can clone the page/site to check the settings: