We can't see our website on our profile & CMS

We have a major issue!

Our profile was deleted for some reason without our knowledge. It turned into a starter’s profile and we can’t see the website on CMS. But the website is live. www.formica.ai

What’s going on? Why there’s no live support?

Webflow’s support link is here-
The good people in the community here can’t see your account or fix it.

Is it possible you’ve created a second workspace, and need to change the one you’re viewing in the dropdown?


It’s just ridiculous that a CMS provider doesn’t have support in Europe. WORLD IS NOT UNITED STATES.

And no, we haven’t created another workspace. Our workspace is getting a 404 (see SS above) for some reason. But my websites are published and live. So, there’s a bug for sure. AND I AM WAITING FOR THE BLOODY DEVELOPERS TO WAKE THE HECK UP.