Way to get background image being loaded first?


Is there a way to get background image of my site (samutyrvainen.com) being loaded first, before any other content? Now my browser loads everything else with white background, and then, after some delay adds my texture background.

– Samu

Here is my public share link: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/stcom3?preview=12810914ed848b0a66b556ec8fc97ac3

I think that might be related to the speed of your internet connection.

The background wasn’t an issue for me. It loaded almost immediately.

Perhaps… add a color to your body tag. This way… it will not load white (#FFF)

The background image - paper-lg.job has many different colors.

I selected this #C1A68D from the image.

You could probably make the background image a bit smaller as well.

Good suggestion, thanks!

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