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Nothing shows in portrait mode


I’m starting my first website and everything is fine and all except in the smallest (mobile portrait) view nothing but background image is visible. In the editor I can see every element is there from the edges – but nothing shows! I guess as I’m a novice there might be some obvious solution to it. Thank you in advance for any help.

PS. When I use my Home link to the current page I can see quick ugly flash of links not showing in correct color. ( Is this somehow avoidable or just a part of www-world?

Thank you,
Samu Tyrväinen

Here is my public share link:
Also the published link:

Hello, @samutyrvainen

The body of your page is set to 0% opacity for mobile portrait mode

This is the reason why you do not see any elements.

Also, I noticed, that you logo link is styled with background image ONLY for the current state. It may be the reason why it has some delay with loading.


Oh, that was it! Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

– Samu

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And also the link glitch worked out! Thanks!

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