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Increase Mobile Landscape Breakpoint

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to increase the breakpoint ranges for a particular breakpoint? I’m asking because the mobile landscape breakpoint has a max of 767px. This isn’t enough now that we have devices like the 12 Pro Max that sit at 832px. For instance I have some full screen modals that I can surely make for the mobile landscape breakpoint, but my designs above that range of 767px will not work for devices like the Pro Max…but I can’t get the mobile landscape modals to come in at the range of 832px because the tablet modals are overriding it… and they don’t work for the landscape mobile views

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Hi @Neito_G , Welcome. You can’t change Webflow’s default breakpoints but you can use custom CSS media queries to handle specific devices if you wish.

Cool, do you have any resources handy as to how to do this? Essentially I would like one more breakpoint range of 768px - ~850px

Here is a pen showing WF defaults. You would just add another rule for max-width:832px

Going down this path means CUSTOM CODE.

I see, thanks so much. is it possible to implement this without affecting or having to adjust for queries above 991px afterwards?