Wavy effect bellow link

Hello Webflow’ers

Does anyone know how to create this wavy effect bellow links?

check https://www.helloheco.com/

Thank you!

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Select a word, and span it (the brush icon). Then deselect, reclick on it and give it a class.

Now you need to prepare a looping (seamless) pattern (half a wave) It need to loop nicely on the x axis.

You’ll declare that pattern as a x-repeating background image.

Image like this, I made it for the demo I can give it to you:

So select and click on the brush:


Then give it a class and work on the x repeating bg with the asset:


Here is the image:



I didn’t get you wanted this style for links, but it’s the same, links in a text aren’t different than span text. Just click and give a class.

By the way you can check the page here: https://sbx.webflow.io/wavy-underlines

And the read only link here: https://preview.webflow.com/preview/sbx?utm_medium=preview_link&utm_source=designer&utm_content=sbx&preview=3ec033cabc671d9aed325632b7d7daa3&pageId=5d974024b3e1727054d4064f&mode=preview

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And don’t stop there!

Select one of the link, and add that transition


Now activate the hover state


Edit the bg and make it move right or left, try 170%


Go back to the normal state and edit the transition, make sure it’s ease in out

Now hover your links, enjoy the wave :wink:

The best waves…

Adjust as desired, I went down to 70% shift instead of 170.

Edit: lol, I just checked your example and that’s what they do, they animate the hover too :smiley:

They do it differently by applying a loop motion so it never stops. You can do that with just Webflow UI but you can add a simple custom code to achieve this. Google bg displacement


This is gold! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much Vincent!

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