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How to create wavy underline on hover

How do you create this hover animation where the wavy line underneath links move on hover?

I checked out their read-only site in the Designer and couldn’t see any interactions on the link components. It looks like the wave is a png set as the background-image on the link. Any suggestions on how to animate this?



I am also wondering this…

@marinatedme @Storm_WB

This is really simple actually. But you do need to add some custom jQuery code.

I recreated it here:

Hope this helps.

Here is my mate @PiterDimitrov implementation. Simple enough.

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I’ve been trying to implement this and I can’t figure it out. I was hoping you could point out where I’m going wrong? I’ve copied the section into this link:

I’ve come up with two solutions to this here. Feel free to clone the project :slight_smile: