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Repeating Background Motion

Have a background image that I want to make have the appearance of going in a wave (slowly up and down and moving to right. Then loop continuously. How would this best be accomplished in WF?

Pick that element where is your image.
Create an interaction with LOAD trigger and loop it.

I don’t see how that is going to work without an interaction built. And when I use a background and want it to move then white space shows.

Well, then probably it is SVG animation or some jQuery plugin. Sorry, I am not specialist in that.

I was thinking of going the SVG route but I didn’t get it smooth so, I’ll keep learning.

Hey @jdesign do you have an example of what you’re referring to? I can do my best to help you figure it out :smiley:


Waldo :smile:

You cannot control the background with an wf interaction.

You have to use jquery for that.

@Waldo_Broodryk I’m trying to use essentially the same background images (offset from each other) in two divs and have one move to create a scrolling left to right effect. On there is a blue section that has the effect I’m trying to achieve. uses a continuous looping scroll background.

What you are showing in the example is using scroll hijacking - much more complex.

@vlogic Yes, that’s really it but I need it to scroll horizontally.

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