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Watermark-adding tool

Hi all, recently I discovered that someone used my photos without asking, so I want to add my watermark on my photos. Do you know some useful watermark-adding tools that can help me protect my copyright??
Thank you in advance.

For customizability, Photoshop of course. That will cost some money to get though.

There’s free to use web-based products similar to Photoshop like this:

Or if the photo is on your phone and you wanna get real sloppy with it, throw it in Snapchat and put some text over it in the corner :smile:

Seems to be apps dedicated to this too:

Thank you so much, I have searched just now on the net this tool:
I’m trying now, and thank you for your advice, I will also check these tools. Thank you so much!

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For adding watermarks/text, I tend to use but you can’t do too much with it without upgrading. Photopea looks like a nice alternative, great suggestion @jackwabbit!

@Kassia If you decide you need a more advanced version with features similar to Photoshop, you can also take a look at this open-source tool:

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