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"I don't want people to steal my photos..."

Yes, I have another one. I’ve used every method of persuasion in the book with my client, but nothing works. I am plonking a transparent png over every image and sometimes the whole page…
Any thoughts?

Charge extra for the idiotic extra step they are having you do. They’ll see the light.

He he. I am, I am! I shouldn’t care really should I?

No sir!

As long as you aren’t also in charge of SEO or any kind of ongoing maintenance, anyway. Because a transparent PNG over an entire page is going to result in a whole lot of complaints which end up right in your lap.

You tried just selling them on watermarking their oh-so-important-my-two-bit-competition-will-mimic-my-site images?

^^ … Yeah the problem with that extra nonsense protection is - whoever wants to steal image from web, will do it. Regardless of extra stuff ( which could impact their website ). The bottom line is - it’s them who will have to scour web for stolen property and make an action. Otherwise - it’s just really pointless.

Let’s hope for next client to be better :slight_smile:

I know, I know.
I have had to create a div for every image then stick a transparent PNG over the top. PITA…

If you’ve already created the div, why not just set the image as a BG image? As far as an ignorant client is concerned, that’s practical wizardry.

Alternatively, ask them to find another website where you “can’t” steal the images, and show them just how easy it is to steal the images.

Alternatively alternatively, show them the “big guys” in their own industry and how they aren’t doing stupid things to “protect” their images. To an increasingly tech-savvy public, these measures not only look petty, but they look amateurish and low-class. Many people have an immediately negative reaction to things like right-click being disabled.

Not to mention shift+cmd+4 on a Mac and you can just take a screenshot of any image (or snipping tool on windows)…

'cos there’s loads of images and I’d have to rename all the divs, this way I can C&P the div with the clear image in it and throw the images in each div.
It’s funny because I have bought stuff from companies while searches for images using Google images; it’s like YouTube-light as far as I’m concerned.
Her last website was covered in appalling looking watermarked images, the problem was that I tried to persuade her not to use them…oh well.

One alternative to consider may be to use CDN to serve the images. You can set a watermark if you need to, and if you can persuade the customer to not use the watermark, it’s simple just to turn it off in the CDN.

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I believe that once you use and add photos to your site- you will be the only one to get the credit for the photo per Google…sometimes they can try to use a photo- but in the end- the space will end up BLANK–also I’ve been told that since photos are linked or registered to your site in the beginning- you’ll still get credit for those photos—no matter where they end up? I may be wrong but I think that’s what I’ve read before.

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