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Disable hover interaction when link is on current state

Hello, i’m knew in webflow ,need some help.
Anyone knows how to disable the hover interactions on the navlink when is on "“current”???
i dont want he get the hover effect when on current as it change color and isnt pretty.

Dwon here you find my progect.

Thanks in advance for the help

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Just visit the page of the current link. Homepage for example. Then you should be able to select the current tag and change the styling.

hey Félix I know that and so I did, but the link is playing the interaction on hover on, so when I hover out the current style disappear.
Would be perfect di disactivate the interaction when on “current”.

By the way I tried to remove the interaction when is on “current” but it removes it for any state so there is no point.

I think I need some custom code maybe.

Thanks for replying

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Hello @nicola_cuomo

Maybe you can add custom code to disable pointer events (mouse interactions) on current state.

Try this:

.class-name.w--current {
 pointer-events: none;

Piter :webflow_heart: