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W3org errors & seo help

Hi there … listen
i have a few things to understand and i need your help
thanx in advance.,)

  1. i have some w3org errors such as:
    it keeps telling me about type attribute is unnecessary for JavaScript resources.
    The navigation role is unnecessary for element nav.
    How can i scratch that or WF can?)

  2. Also i see WF offers h1 tag in hero section and all other sections as well
    i saw google doesn’t care if multiple h1 tags exist in your html but
    allowed to have them only one per section and all others h tags can’t be repeated in that section so …

section h1-h6 section
section h1-h6 section

multiple h2-h6 all around html

So with which layout i’ll be good?

  1. www vs http redirects i’m usually solving with .htaccess file
    But how i can do that with WF? i can’t enter my root folder (just can’t find it))

  2. why my facebook share button displays some 42k shareds?

Does anybody out there?))

Hi sorry you didn’t receive a response. Please understand it’s comprised of members/users not customer service (which may change). I apologize if yours seem on the perimeter, but maybe I can assist if I can.

  1. Skip the H1 logic: Remember, H1 is built around hand coding a “CSS” page by looking at the style sheet directly. Therefore H1’s and other attributes were needed. But applications like Webflow are doing the same thing but in the background. WF is giving the same thing except from a visual GUI. I don’t ever use H1’s, just simply give it a class using a style guide - it’s the same thing. Tags are slowly becoming a non-factor since developers are looking at their designs more, instead of actual sheets.

  2. You can’t access the root because you’re using their servers.

I hope that answers your questions. If you need anything else, shout out.

Since when tags began to become a non factor?))
You gotta have some semantics in your html anyway
so my second question is still open while i solved already 1&3