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Help with site optimization

Hi guys

I’m relatively new to Webflow and could do with some assistance in tidying up a site i’m working on.

Here is the live site:

And i’ve published a public page too so you can look at the code:

I’m pretty happy with the layout (images/text/etc is still a work in progress), but my html/css knowledge is pretty basic so I have no idea whether i’ve arranged things in an efficient way.

Can anyone give me some pointers on tidying up and/or optimizing the site? It would be great to learn some tips from more experienced & proficient users.


Nice site with a lot of room for breathing. I like the fonts too. You may be new to Webflow but certainly not to design (:

You can read how to use HTML5 tags and apply them to your sections for the code to make even more sense. For example, for the header:

I google this resource but there are many, many more.

I don’t tell you straight away what to do with tags because I too have to read a bit more about it (:

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Thanks Vincent that’s really helpful!

Will definitely have a read over this tonight & make some updates to the tag elements :smile:

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You’ll see that from one resource to another, opinions vary… on the section and article tags use in particular.

One-page sites can be more difficult to rank via SEO (at least to my experience - think it’s todo with the smaller amount of content) so cover the basics in Webflow with your site/page title, seo description and keywords. Be sure a sitemap.xml is submitted to the major search engines and I’d encourage you or your client to make sure all social media is “connected” to the site.

Some of this is added via the tools in WF but you should be familiar with meta tags for the various social media. You might find ( to be a helpful read.