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W-overlay is to high

Hi there
I have a site with a burger navi. when i open the navi the element w-overlay is to heigh.
Under the footer there exists a white space after opening the menu.
In the navigation element i have a padding on top and bottom.
It looks like this padding ist the problem but how can i position the navigation when i can’t use margin or padding (i also tried with margin and with padding on the parent element).

Any ideas?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I had a look at your site but couldn’t locate the ‘w-overlay’ element you mentioned’s too high. I didn’t see too much white space in the nav menu. It didn’t look weird to me, I do like a good bit of white space! Try adding a screenshot where you indicate what you’d want to change. That makes it easier for us to help.

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