Nav menu doesn't work correctly

Hello! I created nav menu with custom animation and when I close the menu my full page is blocked with a w-nav-overlay so I can’t press anything. How can I fix it?

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After the close interaction finishes add an action that sets the overlay to display none. You may have to set it to block or flex on your opening interaction to counter this.

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But I didn’t create a “w-nav-overlay” div

Hmm, see this thread: div w-nav-overlay

It appears to be an issue when using the prebuilt nav in Webflow. You could probably solve this a few different ways, the easiest might be a small piece of JavaScript that detects a class/property change and then hides that div, maybe this:

When the nav-menu-wrapper is set to display none, hide the overlay as well.

Or you could rebuild the menu from scratch, which would be a time consuming process.

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