Visual Design Portfolio Released! πŸŽ‰

I specialize in visual design for start-ups and companies. Check out my newly released website!

Webflow Discover link:

Please rate, comment, and suggest any improvements and so on. Thanks!


Time to give back! :smiling_imp:

I really like the simplicity of the website. It is elegant and clean :thumbsup:
I especially like the little detail with the iPhone/smartphone design at the bottom. The circle underneath the images are genius!

It would be even better for me if:

  • I can see you clearly on your picture. Make it bigger.
  • I can click on the pictures and something happens. People tend to click on pictures and they get disappointed when nothing happens.
  • I can browse through more projects. I like your work :blush:
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Thanks @Curting for the great review and tips! :grin:

I might not be as fast as you, (:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) but I will definitely integrate all of these changes into my website by next week.

Thanks again for the review. :slight_smile:

Love the red amg photograph, as you scroll down it looks like the roof above the car is opening up :wink:

I love the composition of the typography displayed behind the main text. (Don’t forget to adjust in mobile view)

Great effort so far. Looking forward to see more of your slick work.

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Thanks Naweed! :slightly_smiling_face:

Happy you like it! :wink:

The site has been updated to fix some common problems as well as make the user experience much more enjoyable!

Oh, and to show off the new logo. :wink:

Be sure to give it a look at

Also would be greatly appreciated if you like the project here on Webflow.


Even better!! Logo is a bit hard to make out what it says :wink:

Your design work is truly amazing though, I’m blown away! Minimalist yet striking.

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Thanks so much @nwdsha !!

The logo is actually my signature. :wink:

I thought it would give my brand a more personalized look. Much like an artist, I can put a signature on all of my projects.