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Visited links not changing colour properly

visited links are set to change text to white, background to blue on hover.
this works in the designer, but not the published site.

little video here:

thanks in advance

Here is my site Read-Only:
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Here is the live site:

I don’t think you can style your visited links to change to something on hover specifically (you may change visited links colour but not what happens on hover).

It’s not the fact that they are visited links, just that on hover they don’t change to the specified “hover link” style
I don’t want the visited links to do anything different to an unvisited link

Well, they just have their own colour. And you cannot make that specific colour to change on hover just like you can make your regular links change colour on hover.

I don’t understand. You can style link text to be any colour you want, and backgrounds to, and in all states.

Um… no you can’t? You can either select “visited” or “hover”. You cannot select and style “hover on visited” state. Does that make sense?

Ok, but does the hover or focus state change once a link has been visited? I assume that it makes no difference whether a link has been visited or not, the hover and focus states are the same. This is not what’s happening

edit: Actually if you give your link some other colour but default for visited links then they will respect the hover! Just tried myself after realizing I am not 100% sure how that works :smiley:

I’ve tried this but it seems that visited text colour takes priority over hover colour. i.e. on hover the text colour doesn’t change for visited pages

Did you give your links some other colour but default?

Yes. I think I’ve got it working now thanks but not sure how which is frustrating. I was changing the All Links states and then my other Selectors