Hover color doesn't work on 'visited' links in nav menu

I’m eperiencing an issue where the color change on ‘hover’ of a link will not work if the link is ‘visited’. The hover works if I open the sites in an incognito window but immediately after I visited the links once, the hover color change does not work anymore.

I have found this issue reported in multiple topics spanning back to 2015, none of which had any solution :frowning:

Any idea what is causing this, any way to fix this issue or work around it? Seems like such a basic thing. I am also experiencing the same issue on a footer menu on another site.

You can observe the issue in my fullscreen menu here (site is still work in progress): https://astrolution.webflow.io/


hi @monadic best way to get some advice how to solve your issue is to share “read-only” link to see your website code.


Hi @monadic I can’t see any problems. In menu links are working correctly. On hover links text getting darker and in menu also is shown current page with darker text. So from my point of view there is no issue with UX. In footer hover effect works too (lighter on hover). Can you be more specific what you are trying to achieve?

EDIT: your design doesn’t work because of setting for current state. You can set current:hover

Thanks for looking into it but that’s not it - the current is not supposed to have any hover effect, it has a solid cover just as intended, so people know on which site they currently are when they open the menu. If you click the 2nd link in the menu (the others just link to a #) then go back to Home, then open the menu again, the 2nd link won’t have any hover effect anymore. Meaning as soon as a link changes to visited for my browser, it won’t correctly change color again on hover. :confused:

Here’s a quick video demonstrating the problem in action:

this was recorded in Firefox but the same happens in Chrome and Safari

(just to clarify: the footer thing i mentioned was on another site not on this)

Hi @monadic the video has blocked access.

Ah sorry, I failed to save the sharing settings correctly, it can be viewed now :slight_smile:

Hi @monadic hope that this video make more sense than written explanation. :wink:

Thanks for the video, nice music haha. So to test it out I changed the hover colors for current and regular links to two different colors. That worked on the published site. Then I changed them to the same color again. And now it’s working. :face_with_monocle: Did I just actively have to set a current hover color (instead of it inheriting the same color) in order for visited links to properly work? Weird glitch. I have observed this a couple times already that colors were not displayed unless i actively clicked the color field once. But it seems to work now, THANK YOU!!

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Nice to see that’s worked for you @monadic. If this issue doesn’t persist feel free to close your request by checking any response as solution. Yes there is long time known “glitch” mentioned several times on forum that color always need an interaction to become active. Its odd but now you know the magic move :wink:

Have a good one

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