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Works in webflow, but not live? (Chrome) Simple hover interaction to change a link's font color?

[I’m on an iMac running High Sierra using Latest update of Chrome.]

The link behavior works just fine in the webflow designer and the webflow preview. The font is supposed to change from blue to red on hover, then a different shade of red on press, and a different “blue” when visited.

However when It’s published, the inline text links (class “textlink”) do not change colors as expected on hover, press, and visit.

Any thoughts? I feel like a champion for finally composing working script to link my forms to google sheets API, yet this is the technical thing thats slowing me down. I’ve got to be missing something. Anyone else see it?

Screen Captured Video of behavior

Here is my site Read-Only: My read only site (available until issue is solved)
Here is the published site:

Here’s something fun for you to check out just because I want to show off the 404 page LOL

The hover states are working for me just fine. I am in Chrome on Mojave. Maybe try a hard refresh of the page?

Hey @dont-pop :wave:

Great looking site! I’m a magician and QA at Webflow so happy to help out

  1. Because you’re a fellow magician, and
  2. even more so because you’re a Webflow user! :smiley: :webflow_heart:

Here’s a quick video to explain,

but in short;
Remove the focused state as it’s not required. This is for on forms where the user is inputting information for example. The form is focused when it’s clicked on.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

HEY THANKS Mark!! I’ve been reading posts on here from you since… August when I started with webflow!

*SOLUTION (spoiler alert = I’m dumb!)

I feel SOOO stupid! The color the browser was rendering?? THE VISITED STATE.
It wasn’t interacting because I had already visited those links!

But thanks to you, I was able to get on the right path. I went ahead and removed the focus states AND the visited states and the random hover state on the parent element. It’s one of the many remnants of the design process. It’s my first site so what usually happens is I wreck the code and make a huge mess of everything until I’m happy, then rebuild it a 2nd time with all the little details already in place and little problems solved. Do I really need the extra 6 nested div’s for that text block… each one having exactly one attribute which is 2px of padding? Yes. It pleases me.

I’ve decided to learn jQuery, paired with google apps script… you’ll be the first to get a chance to text the interactive mind reading… webflow style.

Thank YOU!!