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Vimeo Video Gallery

I want to add a vimeo (or youtube is not vimeo) video gallery to my webpage. I want it to be an actual gallery with video thumbnails, not a playlist style. The only real options I can find to do this is either add them separately or use a third-party widgets like Elfsight. This is a good widget but the problem is that it doesn’t update as soon as I add a new video to it, at least without having to pay a lot to have this option. I. want to set this gallery up one time and not have to touch it again. I want to add a video to vimeo/youtube and the new video show up on the website.

Does any one know how I can do this? Is Elfsight my only options? I’m willing to do a little coding if this has to be something completely custom.

Thanks for your help!

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I would recommend looking at zapier or integromat. You can set a trigger to look for new Vimeo videos, and when it finds one create a new Webflow cms item. Then you can have that cms collection setup however you want to style it in Webflow.

@simplyumedia yes @Drew_Schafer is right, you can use that zapier - vimeo - webflow integration to trigger a new CMS item.

I’ve never used a CMS before. I’ve watch videos on it but it confuses me for some reason. I can try to watch them again and figure out. Thanks

Are there any tutorials/videos on how to set up Zapier? I just tried and it didn’t work and I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

You need to make a showcase on Vimeo.
Embed that showcase into the website.
Update the showcase with whatever videos you want.

You must have a paid Vimeo account at any level to do this. Totally worth it.

Thanks for the idea but I know you can embed a showcase but they are not set up in a gallery layout. They are in a playlist format which I do not like unless you know how to make it a gallery.

Oh!, I see.
Zapier integrations are most likely what you need.

Ya I’m looking into it now but I’m having trouble setting it up. Do know of any good tutorials on how to setup a zapier vimeo webflow video gallery? I can’t seem to fine anything.

Hi @simplyumedia!

We understand your concerns about 3rd party tools, however, there are some things you’ll probably like about the Elfsight widget:

  • cache time for Vimeo widget is only 1 hour;
  • we provide 20% welcome discount for all paid plans;
  • free customization and installation help.

Feel free to contact us, if any questions occur - we’ll be happy to help you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,
Elfsight Team