Vimeo Thumbnails


Working on a project with 150+ existing Vimeo Pro hosted videos that have been brought into the CMS via Integromat/Make which works ok for the Video embeds, however there’s no option to pick up the thumbnails/poster images using Make - they need to go into the CMS as image files so that they can be used for design.

Zapier can pick them up but there’s no option to run it on an existing library from what I can see which is kind of useless, the Zap works for new content only which is not ideal at all.

Webflow obviously gets the thumbnails from Vimeo as they are displayed, how do you get access to these in the designer so that they can be used as images?

In Vimeo there’s options to download video files but I can’t see any option to just download all my thumbnails, does anyone know a way to get them please?

I’ve looked at connecting Vimeo API but as I understand it you cannot connect any API’s to Webflow due to platform limitations?

Any advice or guidance would be very useful to the community!


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