Webflow Youtube Video Gallery

Is it possible to make a youtube video gallery dynamically. I was able to make a youtube gallery but it requires the user to upload each youtube video by hand. I don’t want the client to be going into the code and editing it. If possible I would like it to be done by CMS, but I did not see that as an option with the lightbox I have it placed in for the video (not youtube).

I see an option to setup the Elfsight Youtube Video Gallery but that is a paid option that I don’t want to incur on my client.

Here is my site Read-Only: (SWATc.com)

You can populate your CMS collection using automation via Make or Zapier. For example, trigger when a channel publishes a new video, or a vid is added to a playlist, then import and add it to the CMS automatically.

I haven’t tried using the lightbox dynamically to play videos from a collection but hous should be able to find good references here.

In the worst case you can use an HTML embed to do both, using the YouTube URL.